Why I wrote this Site

Many people I know, now have piczo sites which, despite the fact that some find them wonderful, with millions of animated flashing “graphix”, I hate them because:

  • The “graphix” slow my computer down (look at you CPU % on task manger when you are on one) so I can’t do anything else at the same time
  • They are badly designed with useless pages… pages without text.. badly alligned pictures, etc
  • Most are full of “iz waz n innit yo” ie. to anyone other than the teenagers we are, they are unintelligble(fair enough but…).
  • About 70% use 101% too many “X”s on any one page.
  • And there are an endless supply of other reasons why Piczo irritates me.

Many more people(including myself) have accounts have accounts on bebo, myspace, facebook, Hi5, ringo, Windows Live Spaces, tickle… and the hundred and one other sites… which let you meet your friends’ friends, let you create a profile, let you setup quizzes, let you tell everyone in your address book on hotmail exactly how much you really want to “join me on XYZ”.
But as far as I know, no site allows for allows for a mixture of all the features these sites offer, without all their weaknesses, at least anyone that claims to…

  • won’t
  • will have a catch
  • will suck
  • will have 50,000 popups and 80 banner ads on each page
  • virtually none will be highly customisable
  • those that are will not guard against irritating animated backgrounds aka “graphix”
“Anything you can do, I can do better.”

I wanted a site that did all of those things so I opted for this… basically the sandbox… from here I could build anything. A bit of free webspace. Using NVU (www.nvu.com) the free, open-source WYIWYG HTML editor (to most of you “using a special program very like a word processor to create this special sort of file”)
This site was as easy to write as writing a word processing document. Virtually no prior knowledge was necessary.
I then used WordPress, a dead simple CMS to string it all together into this slick site.

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