Washed out – taking a step back

Over the last three months, I’ve been really involved in lots of stuff:

  • I bought a waterproof video camera
  • I organised DFEY to visit 2morro
  • I videoed myself sailing my sailing dinghy
  • My (ex-)girlfriend and I split up
  • DFEY now has a logo
  • I ran my first session as an RYA Sailing instructor for GSC’s first OnBoard day
  • I went to several friend’s birthday parties including that of a large web agency
  • I filmed an anti-fascism rally
  • I went to (and filmed) a multitude of talks at various North West technology related usergroups
  • I finished my A levels and left college forever
  • I contacted speakers for Manchester Free Software group
  • I videoed lots of sessions from Barcamp Sheffield
  • I started full time work at DMC
  • I filmed Tomorrow’s Yesterday and Buried from Above at the Ruby Lounge
  • I do contract system administration for the BBC
  • I went to the pub to catch up with old friends
  • I filmed the Big Chip awards
  • I gave a talk at Liverpool LUG

What’s on the cards?

More time spent looking after myself.

In the past few months, since I’ve left college and hardly stopped to breathe, think or relax. This needs to change. Doing stuff 100% is awesome if you have the energy, but you need to have the stamina. 90% of the energy 90% of the time would probably be enough… if the remaining 10%’s were leisure and sleep.

Going to bed earlier

I currently work 10am until 6pm, this means I get home late, go to bed late, wake up late am late leaving for the train and start every morning with a five minute jog to the station.
This needs to change. I have a lot of control over what hours I want to work so I need to start going to bed earlier whatever..

More Exercise

Not necessarily to get me fit or to lose weight, but I’m going to start swimming again every week.
My sailing has also been suffering – I need to battle it out with the elements on a regular basis. It’s only wind and water!

Projects into the future…

Open Source Schools Unconference

On Monday, I’m speaking at Becta’s Open Source Schools Unconference in Nottingham, I need to write a fully prepare a talk for that. Public speaking when I feel properly prepared is something I’m confident about, I’m not great at busking it yet.

A Holiday

I’m looking for ideas for a holiday of a kind I would really enjoy; I’m thinking of perhaps chartering a Sunseeker yacht offseason, going on one of the big ships adventure kind of things…
Not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m not everyone.

The best days of my holiday in Madeira were spent doing quite dicey things involving water, steep cliffs and gorges in a beautiful place!

If I’m not exhausted by the end of each day of my holiday, I might as well simply go and work from a “nice” location for a week; that’s a beautiful thing about the internet.

Chaos Communications Congress

I’m aiming to go to Chaos Communications Congress (3C), a big German hacker conference (read: festival) in Berlin next Decemeber. I had wanted to go to Hacking at Random this summer but my passport expired and I’ve not been quick getting it renewed.

Open University?

I’m not going to University in September and will be working full time. I need to work out what Open University Degree I want to do and apply.


People sometimes say taking charge of one’s own life is scary.

I know I just need to ask myself:

  • What I’m doing
  • Where I’m going
  • Why I’m going there
  • How I can get there quickest with the minimum effort

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