Barcamps I’ve been to

I missed Barcamp Bradford today which to be honest, is the first time I’ve missed a local barcamp in a long time. I was however, exhausted and slightly ill, and it just really didn’t seem like an appealing idea. I feel a a bit sorry for the organisers, it’s very frustrating when people don’t turn up to events you organise and put on, so I hope it went well.

Andrew Disley, Ian Forrester and I organised Barcamp Manchester 2 weekend which went really, really well. I think we had ~250 people there at one point on Saturday Afternoon. I may get round to blogging about it in detail,for the time being I’d just like to thank everyone who turned up, our amazing sponsors, fantastic venue and Ian and Andrew for their effort and dedication to help organise the even with me.

It occurred to me shortly before Barcamp Manchester 2 that I’ve been to quite a lot of Barcamps, so I thought I’d have a go at listing them (not necessarily in chronological order).

  • Barcamp Manchester 1
  • Barcamp Liverpool (1)
  • Barcamp Sheffield (1)
  • Barcamp Bournemouth (1)
  • Barcamp North East ?
  • Unsheffield 1 (Barcamp Sheffield 2)
  • Barcamp Leeds 2(?)
  • Barcamp Brighton 4
  • Barcamp Blackpool (1)
  • Barcamp Manchester 2
  • Barcamp Bathcamp (2)

These are all I can think of, in theory, Oggcamp probably would fit in there too considering it was just as much a Barcamp as Unsheffield 1. Becta’s Open Source Schools project’s Unconference probably shouldn’t count because it was much more like a conference than any sort of Barcamp.

The notable thing to point out is that I’ve never been to Barcamp London. Ever.

Barcamp London six clashed with some previous commitments and Barcamp London seven clashed with Oggcamp and LugRadio Live 2009 so I didn’t go to it.

Thoughts? Comments? Barcamps I’ve been to but not mentioned? Leave a comment..

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