Plans for 2012

At some point, I may get a chance to look back on 2011, weigh it up, work out whether it was largely good or bad. That sounds like a lot of hard work. It’s almost like a history essay.

Instead, I’m going to think about my plans for 2012; not “New Year’s Resolutions” just some vague goals on my own.

  • Do more offbeat, adventurous, unexpected, unusual things.
    • More travel. It largely doesn’t matter where, just more of it.
    • Find some new ways to take myself out of my depth
  • Work out boring things in my life, and work out strange new ways to liven them up.
    • Example: work out a way to make shopping for boring things, fun
  • Do more pirate party politics
      • Stand in May council elections
      • Do more education-specific work
      • Develop public speaking skills
  • Find some new things to parody and satirise.
  • Take small steps in lifestyle healthier directions
    • Perhaps start swimming again?
    • Learn to cook more adventurously
  • Blog more
  • Maintain old friendships and keep in contact with old friends and family.
  • Listen to some new styles of music
  • Work out some more inspiring and interesting goals, because these ones are pretty much just “try to do mo reof the same”.

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