The 5 best, anti-SOPA protest songs

So with the blackout of Wikipedia, Reddit and everything, Rick Falkvinge got me thinking.

If the iconic singer songwriters of the labour movements were Arlo Guthrie and Billy Bragg, who are the iconic singer songwriters of the Digital Rights movement?

I’m genuinely interested if you have a suggestion.

To help you consider the question, here are 5 of the best anti-SOPA protest songs:

Stonebreakers10’s Anti-SOPA ballad:

Stop the SOPA Song by Stonebreakers10

Funk Vigilante’s epic funk-rap-metal internet anthem:

INTERNET FIGHT SONG! by Funk Vigilante

Leah “ObamaGirlCreator” Kauffman’s catchy pop-piano song:

Firewall by Leah Kauffman

Cheezburger Network/The EFF fronted by Laugh Pong’s American Pie parody:

The Day the LOLcats died by Laugh Pong

Dan Bull’s dystopian, futuristic crowdsourced rap:

SOPA Cabana by Dan Bull

Contact your representative today:

Make your own song?
It’s not too late to have a bit of fun and sing about what SOPA would do. Need some inspiration?
Here’s some parodies of popular songs that haven’t been recorded yet.

Honourable mentions
Those that didn’t quite make the cut:

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