How to cheat at cooking lunch!

Some ongoing battles of mine are to eat:

  1. more cheaply
  2. more healthily
  3. more variedly
  4. and less of it.

I don’t mind Point 1 that much, I already shop at ALDI for almost everything. However, trying to cut down on any kind of meal out is something I’m working on. Lunches being a particular problem.

Point 2 is something I’ve been working on recently, and have started to nail. Obviously, “healthily” is an incredibly subjective term and can mean a wide variety of things, but right now I’m specifically referring to aiming for a government recommended target of 5 portions or fruit or veg/day.

Point 3 is something I still need to work on I think. I have recipe books, I have the will power, I need to make this happen more.

Point 4 is actually what I’m trying to solve right now whilst also hitting “eat more cheaply”.

There are some great places for lunch near work that do great hot food, or a nearby ASDA. We have a toaster, fridge, kettle and microwave so in theory, one could be quite creative. In practice, the trick is to cheat!

On Sunday night, I made pasta and a wonderful vegetable/tomato pasta sauce for tea. The sauce contained onions, peppers, leeks, celery, kidney beans, sweetcorn olives and lots of tomatoes. I made loooads….

Then I grated some cheese into a tupperware box, added a few spoonfuls of pasta, filled it to the top with super-healthy sauce and took them to work. Here is my lunch for Monday-Wednesday.

Cheating at cooking lunch
Cheating at cooking lunch

They keep just fine in the fridge, can be quickly reheated in the microwave, probably could be frozen and reduce my lunch bill by a considerable margin.

The way that this means one eats *less* is that one completely take away any decision about portion size at the point when you are least qualified to make it – eg. when you are very hungry.

Now all I have to do is just to keep in flow, probably do some soups and other exciting things, build up a supply of stuff in the freezer and make this a routine.

Look on the bright side: it even cuts down on washing up! :D

3 thoughts on “How to cheat at cooking lunch!

  1. Thought: this may backfire in terms of “variedly” – you’re having the same lunch for three days in a row.

    On the plus side, it’s cheap as chips. So to speak.

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