#ChallengeTim | Status Update

So on May the 30th, after some deliberations, I challenged myself some things before the end of August. Today is the 19th, let’s see what’s done, and what’s still to do.

  • Drop 1 stone in weight and keep below that weight for at least a month. If I slip above it, the month restarts.

Status: Ongoing, but very much on track.

I’ve been largely doing what I said I’d do, and have adopted a 4 hour body style low carb diet. I’m vegetarian, so that was mildly interesting, but it turns out that avocados, feta, halloumi, omelettes, olives, lettuce, salad dressing are even more awesome than previously imagined and I’ve made progress I’m very happy with.

I did learn that it’s important to take differences in physical activity into your diet. As I largely do limited exercise, my diet works quite well but when suddenly doing serious hiking, I’ve learnt that I need to take that into account and adapt it so that I have sufficient energy to bounce up up and down the hill.

I think I’ll make it to my target weight by the end of August, and I don’t think holding it for 30 days will be that difficult, but we’ll see!

  • Climb something high.

Status: Complete.

Read about Mount Toubkal.

  • Run 70km over 7 consecutive days.

Status: Incomplete, but to be attempted soon. Hopefully. Hmmm. Lack of serious commitment to training may prove and issue.

  • Swim over 100m across open, cold water without assistance

Status: Incomplete and unlikely to be attempted until September or October, until other swimming challenge is complete, or at least attempted. I don’t actually think it will be difficult, once I’m confident with the distance… Hopefully before November! ;)

  • Swim 30 consecutive lengths in a 50 metre pool

Status: Incomplete, and it doesn’t look like I’ll manage this before the end of August.

I’m hopeful that once I start seriously training though, it should be a piece of cake, but currently 30x50m or 1500m, in one go, is out of my reach (I can probably manage about 100m before my arms get tired). It’s simply about practice, with probably a few bits of technique tuning. :)

  • Do a 30 mile hill walk (try and include a good amount of up an down too)

Status: Incomplete.

It sucks a bit because I’ve been wanting to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks (with a ~4-7 mile extension), but lacked the opportunity to do it. I’ve also considered, several times, epic routes through the Lake District, but come to the conclusion that going for distance, in the Lake District, is a poor use of ones time there.

I suspect I’ll attempt Yorkshire Three Peaks in September, on a weekday, when everyone else is off the hills again and I can just focus on doing it.

  • Get driving lessons and pass my driving theory test.

Status: er fail. Despite getting so close, I still am faffing round getting my provisional licence sorted. :(

So yes, some really great stuff, but also some stuff still to do! Let’s do this! :D

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