New Year plans: 2012 final quarter review.

At the end of 2011, I made some vague plans for 2012. Not resolutions. Nothing grandiose. But things that would probably be good ideas.

  • Do more offbeat, adventurous, unexpected, unusual things.
  • More travel. It largely doesn’t matter where, just more of it.
  • Find some new ways to take myself out of my depth

Ok. I’m doing that quite well. It can get difficult to find a way to escape the comfort zone, but I’m doing it.

  • Work out boring things in my life, and work out strange new ways to liven them up.
  • Example: work out a way to make shopping for boring things, fun

Yeah, I’m not sure there is a way to do this. Internet, can help. If only we had Zappos for clothes in the UK.

  • Do more pirate party politics
  • Stand in May council elections
  • Do more education-specific work
  • Develop public speaking skills

I’ve done the first few of those things, but I think I’ll be doing less of the politics. Right now it’s not what I want to do.

Education stuff. That’s a good question, but probably not going to be solved right now.

I do need to improve my public speaking skills, probably by finding something I want to talk about and talking about it, repeatedly. Practice practice practice!

  • Find some new things to parody and satirise.

I’ve not done any of this recently. Probably a good thing, I’d have probably got myself in trouble/created unwanted drama, if I’d properly done some ideas

  • Take small steps in lifestyle healthier directions
  • Perhaps start swimming again?
  • Learn to cook more adventurously

Boom. Doing this.

  • Blog more

Did this. I’ve blogged at least once a month, usually many times a month. In February I think I even tried to do a post a day. I actually have about 60 draft posts in various states of half-completion, blog posts are certainly a lot more frequent than they previously have been.

  • Maintain old friendships and keep in contact with old friends and family.

I think I’m doing ok at this, but if you think otherwise, give me a shout and let’s meet up. :)

  • Listen to some new styles of music

I’m getting into swinghouse, downtempo/chillout and smooth jazz as well as everything else I listen to.

  • Work out some more inspiring and interesting goals, because these ones are pretty much just “try to do more of the same”.

I thought up some. I need to think up or select some more at least.

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