20/20 Hindsight :: Writing Style

One of the great things about getting older, is that you have 20/20 hindsight vision of times in your past. You can look back and see how things played themselves together.

Back in 2005, I sent emails with things like this appended:

Anyway for those of you who care I dont spell check my email because whne I have to type to my *m8z* every word would show up and mostly you can understand what ive *writ* anyway….
Put it this way if you dont like my spelling send me an email, tell me, and instead of emailing you i’ll record all of what I mean to say into an uncompressed .WAv file roughly 20mb big and send it you! ;)
seriously if you dont like my spelling… I’ve got better things to to do. The point of an email is to get the messae across.QUIKLY….


At the time, when asked to explain further, I responded:

It just dosnt seem worth it to me. the other thing is that I send on average about summat like 10+ emails a day. usually not very long ones admittedly but still enough for it not to seem worthwhile checking spelling.

The mildly amusing thing about this email was it was sent to some friends and family but not an email about a funny link, a TV show.

In the email, I explained the world of Voice Over IP (VoIP), extolled the virtues of SIP over Skype, and showed off my first Sipgate phone number by asking people to help me test it out.

Yet only a few things have changed since then:

  • I learnt to write in a much less passive aggressive style.
  • In-browser spellchecking reach mainstream and I was able to easily fix things up afterwards.
  • I learnt that little bit of grammar could make things sound noticeably better.

Three years later, I got my first job as a SIP VoIP support engineer on the basis of communication skills and technical knowledge.

Today, I look back at these emails and cringe, but without them and the people who quietly put up with them (or gently explained why it was suboptimal), things wouldn’t have been the same.

I’m very grateful for those who put up with me back then!

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