I’m walking 55 miles around Manchester | Can you help?

Update: I’m unfortunately having to pull out of this.

I try to push myself to new heights, distances and places – and in March, I’m going to take it to the next level.

I’m doing 55 mile walk around Manchester – The Bogle – an onroad event which consists of a ~30mile south loop round Cheadle and the airport, and a ~26 mile northern loop taking in much of northern Manchester.

I would walk 56 miles just to fall down at your door.
I would walk 56 miles just to fall down at your door.

The route is intensely challenging – the impact of 56 miles of continuous road travel will take it’s toll ony my body and the psychological challenges after 18+ hours of walking will be intense and raw.

This will be quite there are various places people in which people can help:

  • Training walks

I’m planning to do some training for the event by walking some of the route beforehand so I know what works and what doesn’t – could you help keep me company on some?

  • On the day, remote support team

On the day, I’ll start at midnight on a Friday night and walk through the night and following day. Could you form part of a remote support team, providing moral support, news, and a friendly voice (via telecommunication magic) whilst I’m on the move?

Can you help me? Please do get in touch either by email – td(AT)tdobson.net or phone – 0800 112 6000

  • Sponsorship

I’m fund-raising for mySociety – they are the people behind TheyWorkForYou, WriteToThem, WhatDoTheyKnow – and other projects that make British democracy more user-friendly and accessible! I’m hoping to do some creative fundraising things – if you had any ideas here – I’d be very happy to hear them, or equally happy if you just wanted to throw a few pennies in their direction

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