Project December: a clip a week

When we get to the end of November, after (hopefully) managing to write every blog post a day for an entire month, I’m keen push the boundaries and push on forward.

For the month of December I’m going to try and put out a video clip every week – this is also partly reflective of the number of half-finished projects I have lying around and a desire to get them finished with a self-set deadline, and also to do with a desire to try out new things in the land of video.

Hopefully there will be all sorts of things – montages, mini-documentaries, hopefully some drama or comedy.

The challenge will not just be “to put it out there” whilst avoiding fretting too much about perfection, but also putting it in the context of a compelling story that makes the viewer want to watch more.

Frequently, these days, I look at the gigabytes of video I took on my previous handheld camera and cringe at the shakiness – however, presented with a compelling story and compelling video, the viewer shouldn’t be distracted – indeed higher production values themselves wouldn’t carry the video if the rest of it was poorly done.

So the plan for December is

  • story
  • shoot
  • edit
  • publish (hopefully every Wednesday)

If you would like to help out in some way, feel free to leave a comment.

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