Inspiring Carpets? (How wrong can the music industry get things?)

At TedxSalford, Tom Hingley, former Inspiral Carpets frontman and nowadays, a lecturer at Salford University gave a talk – take a look because it’s quite special:

I have a tendency to show off interesting or insightful TED and TEDx talks on this blog, but unfortunately is noteworthy for neither of these reasons – instead this gives a real taste of how the copyright lobby will use misinformation and misdirection to claim they’re being victimised.

Things to watch out for:

Vague terms that don’t let you check their sources: “A large north American search company”

Muddling copyright with, well, I’m not sure what. “Pirates use banner adverts, therefore copyright”.

Assuming search engines are situationally aware, rather than dumb machines. “Driving test search results“.

Alleging that contract law, facilitated by search engines, causes theft. “Therefore copyright is an issue”.

Suggestions that things will change – when and the archive team archived the whole of geocities.

Misinterpretting the term Cloud Computing – “so we need to think about as an image”.

Accuses the BBC of Digital Vandalism for archive

Face recognition marketing “they looked at me as if I was completely mad”.

“G3 phone”

“Steal your cookies, then sell them on”

Blaming another industry for their failing business plan. “I’m not against evolution of technology”.

There’s really enough wrong in this talk, to write an entire book debunking it. It’s just so wrong, I’m not sure what to say.

How many incorrect statements or inferences can you spot?

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