You could say I took an arrow to the knee…

We don’t like to talk about much, but there’s a time to look at “crazy” challenges with a face of sensibility.

Sometimes it's important to check how you're doing... (Sweden, 2012)
Sometimes it's important to check how you're doing... (Sweden, 2012)

Last year, I did a 26 mile [sponsored] walk around Manchester, and so this year, I signed up to do the 55 mile version. I’m undoubtedly fitter than I was a year ago, and it looked like a tough, yet probably achievable challenge.

In November, I went for a hike. We went fast, the views were amazing, my photos were great, and it was a great day – however since then my right knee has started behaving in a temperamental fashion – sometimes being randomly painful to bend, whilst often being painful after a days walking.

In late December, I missed out on many exciting hikes in the snow because of it, and whilst I’ve done some fun things more recently, it’s still by no means on form – just the other day I did no serious walking at all, and yet found it painful to walk upstairs – not good. With my knee being in such uncertain condition, I thought it’d be prudent to have done at least one 20-30 mile training walk in advance of the real thing and I’d set myself this weekend as the deadline, however I don’t even feel up to the training walk really.

Starting and “seeing how I do” isn’t an option – once I cross the starting line, the red mist will come down and the only thing on my mind will be the finish line, the state of my body will not be in the equation.

I’d rather not jeopardise fun plans for later in the year, by doing something ostentatiously crazily difficult, and so, with sadness, I’ll be withdrawing from the Bogle Stroll 2013, to allow my body to sort itself out.

There’s nothing good about missing fun and exciting things 12 months because you tried to do something stupidly strenuous, when you knew you weren’t up to it.

(I’ve let the guys at mySociety (my would-be sponsoree) know I won’t be walking and they’re understandingly supportive about it.)

One thought on “You could say I took an arrow to the knee…

  1. Tim,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with you knee. I had the same problem a year ago coming down off the Cheviot in Northumberland. Normally I’m a gazelle down hills, mainly in speed rather than shape, although I have the size! I have found using walking poles has helped to keep pressure off my knee. I have done some stretching excercises in an attempt to “bulletproof” my knees and will send you the article from Outdoor Fitness Magazine which has helped.

    Really sad that you can’t do the stroll. will let you know how I fare too.


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