Long weekend in Glen Coe

It’s a bank holiday weekend. Rejoice!

Umm, yeah, I’m spending the weekend in Glen Coe at Red Squirrel Campsite! Yay.

I’ve been to Glen Coe a number of times, some more successfully than others, and blogged about how to get there (even hitchhiking).

Glen Coe isn’t too far away from Ben Nevis, and its 24 hour, painfully dull tourist path:

But Glen Coe has many more exciting (perhaps less easily accessible!) things to do – the Aonach Eagach – serious and committing ridge scramble, not for the faint hearted, Bidian Nam Bian, probably one my favourite mountains of the area thus far, Ben Nevis’s non-tourist route – ascent via the Càrn Mòr Dearg (CMD) arete.

Aonach Eagach, The Mamores and Ben Nevis, from Bidean Nam Bian (2012)
Aonach Eagach, The Mamores and Ben Nevis, from Bidean Nam Bian (2012)

Bidian is a jolly fun mountain, but having already done it, the Aonach Eagach is what draws my attention. When I first came to Glen Coe some three years ago, my dad warned me not to go anywhere near it, and not to let anyone drag me to along it. I think that was probably good advice at the time, but with much improved climbing skills, I think it’s probably accessible as a scramble on around a Mod/Grade 3. Good visibility and good conditions are obviously important (and add to the enjoyment!).

The weather is reputedly quite nice on Saturday, rainy with poor visibility on Sunday and Monday, but little chance of strong wind, yet a bit chilly. The last SAIS report (over two weeks ago) showed snow on the tops, and a glance at the Glen Coe Ski centre webcams shows this is still the case – they’re still operating 3/7 ski lifts!

Anyway, I’ll go well prepared with kit, be sensible, and take a few books to read if it looks too grim. ;)

Aonach Eagach (May 2011)
Aonach Eagach (May 2011)

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