Tim’s Core Values (v0.00001) – Request For Comments

I’m trying to find my personal core values. Can you help?

It takes effort to find out what those values are, and I suspect this document is about version v0.00001. Probably equal to “a vague prototype” that may change considerably.

Take a read and let me know what you think.

The ultimate goal is: happiness, and contentment at a life mindfully working towards self-fulfilment.

I aim to:

1) Be relentlessly confident things will be ok in the end (whilst confronting the brutal facts of the situation and working out the next steps to improve it).

2) Be persistent in journey of personal growth and learning

3) Be a consistently great communicator

4) Be down to earth

  • Aspire to be humble, selfless, generous and approachable
  • Show gratitude towards those who’ve helped me
  • Acknowledge my shortcomings
  • Be slow to criticise, and quick to apologise

5) Leave other people in a better state than I found them

  • Frequently ask myself “how can I help this person enjoy life more and be a better person?”
  • Help people where possible (even if it’s just helping them meet someone who can help them)

6) Work hard to make cool things I care about happen

  • Avoid things that don’t assist the furthering of these values
  • Create a medium term plan. Make that happen. Reflect. Repeat.

I also have some thoughts that it’d be nice to have:

  • Integrity
  • A tendency towards openess and sharing
  • An element of daring – a willingness to take calculated risks
  • and a bunch of other things

But I’m not sure they fit into my values… yet? Or at least I do some of them without thinking or thinking about thinking of them?

This is version v0.00001- very much a public draft for discussion and certainly missing points that I’ll probably want to add in later.

This probably contains sloppy language I should clear up, and maybe points that are ‘obvious’ or too specific and so can be removed.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Tim’s Core Values (v0.00001) – Request For Comments

  1. Hi Tim. A major key to your success around improving your personal growth, learning and communication skills will be actively seeking feedback from a wide range of sources and being open and receptive to that feedback whether it is constructive or corrective.

    1. Thanks for the thought Becky – that’s a really good point.

      I’m not sure if that’s as well integrated in there or obvious as it should be.

      I’ll have a think – thanks for suggesting it! :)

  2. -Avoid things that don’t assist the furthering of these values
    Some things should be avoided, but others should be confronted, to create change and the desired outcome… or even confront things in yourself that are preventing the changes you want. :)

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