Lol Relic

How not to cold call people! (Recording)

Earlier today, I took an interesting call to my 0800 number from an Irish number:

I should note, that I’ve never:

  • Used New Relic
  • Intentionally provided New Relic with my details
  • Conversed with any of their reps before
  • Hidden my 0800 number

Clearly, what’s gone on here is that:

  1. they’ve sifted through the internet
  2. they’ve found my blog/twitter
  3. added me to their CRM
  4. mis-labelled me, and called me chasing the deal, rather than introducing themselves.

I’m most annoyed about Point 3.

The public availability of my number does not indicate my availability to critique their sales operation (or apparently therelackof).

I can tell anyone now: I will never buy from someone who cold calls me. :)

Ah well, hopefully something they’ll learn from!

Data Protection Act note: If you call 0800 112 6000, before it rings my phone, it announces “all calls are recorded”. I’ve beeped out the poor guys name.