Plans for 2013

With reference to my round up of my 2012 resolutions and aims, here are some for 2013:

  • Develop my photography skills

I recently had various compliments on photos I’ve taken, which is always very gratefully appreciated. However, having a nice camera does not make someone a good photographer, and I need to reduce the ratio of dud-photos to good-shots and work out how I can improve my skills further.

Taking photos (Photo by Steve Kemp)
Taking photos (Photo by Steve Kemp)
  • Develop film-making skills

I need to do more film-making and editing. I’ve already a few ideas of how to improve, now I just need to put them into action!

  • Public speaking

I want to get better, more confident, and more natural when it comes to public speaking, in particular, I want to learn to modulate my voice – speaking clearly, forcefully, quietly, and clearly, forcefully and loudly are skills that I wish came naturally to me – unfortunately like most people, raising my voice means shouting, and lowering my voice means whispering. This doesn’t have to be.

  • Learn to cook

There’s a difference between feeding oneself effectively, and being able to serve a meal to friends. I’m quite good at the former, but I aspire to the latter.

  • Develop upper body strength

Hiking and cycling have helped my leg muscles become quite strong, but I still have the arms and hands of someone who works in front of a keyboard everyday.

  • Do more cool stuff.

2012 involved doing lots of fun, cool things. 2013 should be just as good, if not better. Find out what’s fun, what’s achievable, and give it try.

Hellicar & Lewis at Northern Digitals BLAB Night

Hellicar & Lewis gave a talk in June at Northern Digitals BLAB Night.

It was a really awesome talk so I was very pleased that it was videoed.

I really really enjoyed the talk – look at some of my reactions on

“This has been one my favorite and inspiring events I’ve been to this year.”

This was a quote from my the evening it took place. I still stand by it.

I really recommend watching it, and checking out OpenFrameworks