Portraits: Where I become a ‘published’ photographer.

As I mentioned, I almost never post photos of people, because it’s always an unnerving process with much too potential to cause conflict.

Therefore, I was very careful to seek full permission to publish this photo, but since it is already been published in various places (excitingly possibly also being my first photo in print media?) and was taken specifically for the purposes of distribution, things are much easier.

The context is obviously the exciting things happening at work, and so we needed some photos to illustrate this. It’s surprisingly difficult to take “exciting” photos, of something that’s rather intrinsically unexciting – two people standing in an empty room – without props – but that’s what we needed to do. I don’t really have much experience of shooting these kinds of environments, indeed, shooting indoors isn’t something I do all that much, and if I do, there’s usually something genuinely interesting happening to photograph.

However with Steve‘s help and suggestions and some clever trickery triggering some external flashes, I managed to come up with this:

Bytemark's new Data centre: Matthew Bloch and Pete Taphouse
Bytemark's new Data centre: Matthew Bloch And Pete Taphouse

I was shooting with my 5D, with the 24-105 f4 and you can see all the conditions in the EXIF info.

I really like how I managed to get the space in using the wide angle, but still have the interesting subjects – and by not having them stood side by side, make it looks slightly more interesting.

If I was going to recreate it, I’d aim the flash up a bit, and see whether we could get the faces lit slightly more appealingly, or see whether various different arm movements made it even more interesting, but all in all, I’m quite pleased with it.

A photo from the mountains of Kosovo

I am obviously taking lots of photos of my time in Kosovo. I got out of Pristina for a few days to a small village called Brod and today I went hiking.

We stopped at a farmhouse high in the mountains and I took this photo:

Kosovar Mountain Sheepdog Puppies
Kosovar Mountain Sheepdog Puppies - Tim Dobson - CC-BY-SA 3.0

Of course, there will be more photos in due course.

Step outside analogue boy!

Bowfell summit, Lake District
Bowfell summit, Lake District

Who says that hiking has nothing to do with digital rights? Today I walked up Bowfell in the Lake District (from Dungeon Ghyll, Langdale) in the beautiful snow!

Any analogue or digital boys and girls are more than welcome to come hiking sometimes and chat about their thoughts and concerns. :) Hiking transcends usual boundaries. :)

I am very tired now thoug;  as my friend Zhelyo said,

“Being alive can be too much fun sometimes!”