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If I was an atheist, man.

Every so often, I see atheists having a bonfire party, religious people getting upset, or religious people having a bonfire party and atheists getting upset. Given my beliefs and thoughts on religion, I find this quite saddening.

A degree of understanding and respect, even for people you deeply disagree with, can be very beneficial to you. Firstly, you’ll find other views less confusing, but mainly this is a great tool for helping the people you disagree with, change themselves.

When you take the time to sit down with people who hold different views and opinions, when you seek the common values that you all agree with, and then take your time to understand the other side’s point of view, you can really make an impact.

For me, the Atheism vs Theism arguments look a bit like this:

From F7U12
From F7U12

So when I find fundamentalist/evangelical atheists getting their knickers in a twist, or  fundamentalist/evangelical religious people doing the same, I just sort of tune out…

XKCD 774: "Atheists"
XKCD 774: “Atheists”

In my mind, evangelical Atheists and fundamentalist Christians have a lot more in common than they think they do.

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Age: what does it mean?

Almost a year ago now, I had one of those “significant birthdays”.

I’m still not really sure what was significant about it. I reached a number, but I didn’t start feeling more mature, my friends and family didn’t start treating me vastly differently and this set me thinking…

Frequently, we use age as a rule of thumb way of forming opinions about people.

When I moved in with new people, one of the first things friends/family etc asked me was their ages. When I talk about friends, I’m frequently asked how old they are.

I’m not convinced that age is the useful indicator people seem to think it is:

When one meets someone, what does age actually tell you?

• If they school age, you can work out whether they have important exams.
• Whether they can legally drive, vote, marry, have sex etc.
• Whether they’re likely to be thinking about retirement,

What age does not help you establish are things like:
• Life experience
• Maturity
• Intelligence
• “Seriousness”/Longevity of relationships they might be in
• Financial status
• Educational or Professional Qualifications

Sometimes I find out that friends are older than I imagine them to be, sometimes younger. Sometimes significantly so. But when I retroactively find out someone’s age; it doesn’t matter – I won’t think any different of them.

But finding out someone’s age before you know them? You don’t really learn anything. You might think you learn things, but you don’t.

And turning 21? What changed? Sod all.

Ages are ages are ages. They mean nothing.